Why Washington?

Although I was born in Pennsylvania, I certainly consider my Self a Utah girl. I’ve got the baptism pictures to prove it . . . If you know what I mean. I surprised my Self while making the choice to leave Ogden and scoot on up to the Pacific North West. You see? I’m not usually all that bold with decision making, but I’m breaking some gnarly habits that have kept me where I am for far too long!

And now . . . the very appropriate story of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. It doesn’t fit! And I’m the square. I’ve been chiseling off all my edges trying to adjust inside such uncomfortable places. I’m dropping my mallet and hammer! I like being a square. My corners make me edgy, ya know? 

Out of all the square lovin’ places why Washington?

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Because . . . goats. There are goats. And they are adorable.

I will be working on a family farm that sits near the base of Mount Rainier. As an intern I will be involved in all aspects of farming. Read my job description and try not to squeal!

You will learn and practice the basics of goat husbandry, including feeding and bottle-feeding kids, mucking stalls, vaccinations and worming, hoof care, and general farm maintenance. In addition, interns will be a part of milking, processing, and selling our raw milk. This includes representing Left Foot at farmer’s markets during the summer, farm-store sales, and milk deliveries. You will also be involved in basic feeding and care of all other animals at the farm.

Interns will also be involved in all aspects of our vegetable and herb garden during the growing season. We have 13 raised beds, 5 raised herb beds, a greenhouse, as well as strawberries and raspberries. Your duties will include weeding, harvesting, watering, and compost maintenance.

Okay, so I failed my high school Agriculture class and poked fun at the Future Farmers of America, and now I’m begging the God of Agriculture to offer me a second chance. As I’ve practiced yoga I’ve gained appreciation for minimalism and sustainability. I believe a mere connection with the planet we live on – including the plants and animals – is the foundation to an authentic life. That is my utmost goal.

Besides physical sustainability, I am eager to practice emotional sustainability. Within the twenty somethin’ years I’ve been alive I have yet to practice complete independence. I’m always leaning on someone for this or blaming someone for that. I’m excited to take responsibility for my own shit.

Don’t wait to take care of your Self, but if you do . . . go live on a farm!

Are you interested in living an organic lifestyle? Check out WWOOF for more information.