About Me

The color TEAL became significant in my life during Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April 2014. I found a flyer for events that would run throughout the month, it was plastered in teal ribbons: small symbols of hope for sexual assault survivors. My heart peeled open and I began to share my story. Since then I’ve created a much needed lifestyle of Self-care and authenticity.

I’m currently living near the base of Mount Rainier on an organic farm. I find joy in practicing self sustainability and simplicity. I am a student to yoga and find deep satisfaction from every facet of the ancient practice.The healthful lifestyle is a bliss. I enjoy traveling and learn the most from connecting deeply with the surrounding area.

My motto, ’cause every blog’s got to have one, is that for every dark day a succeeding dawn of light and hope will follow. And that’s a fact!

My passion for the lifestyle I live runs deep. This is an ode – in blog form – to every humanist, naturalist, optimist, mover, shaker, thinker, lover, or healer. May we live this life as our highest Self . . . with a capital S.

It is so nice to meet you,


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